5 ways to practice “Self Love”

“There is never going to be anyone more in need of love you have to offer than YOU”

The journey of self-love is never been an easy one. It’s going to be messy, sometimes you are going to fall into old habits, sometimes you are going to break into the new one. If you have asked me a couple of years back about these practices of self-love, I would have avoided this topic very smoothly. Because the real me didn’t know how to love myself enough. I used to be the one depended upon other people’s opinions and was seeking love from external factors. This journey made me realize the importance of self-love and yes loving yourself does not turn you into a selfish being. It’s a simple practice of putting yourself first whenever there is a need to. It makes you a powerful human being. It is a superpower we all have within ourselves. It just need to be acknowledged and appreciated and the moment when you step in there, there’s no going back.

Here are 5 ways to love yourself even more, when it is raining heavily in your head:-

  1. Talk to yourself like you talk to your best friend

The most important element in this self-love journey is being your own best friend. Remember that time when you gave an amazing pep talk to that one friend who was having a bad day, yes now say those same things when you are having one. Journalize your thoughts down, let them flow onto those pages. Let it be messy, let yourself be vulnerable over that white canvas. Feel your emotions. Don’t sabotage your feelings or yourself by overthinking, or with those negative thoughts. You are a human being and the real element of being a human is to be messy, real, vulnerable. Love yourself enough and put your pieces back into the puzzle. There is nothing bad about being a mess!

2) Forgive Yourself

Sometimes we make mistakes or have a foul mouth or make a bad decision. But the real question arises here is does it make us all a bad person? Are we always require to be perfect? I used to be that person that once believed everything needs to be perfect. If it’s not then something is wrong with how I am living right now. This mindset not only made me get hurt again and again but it triggered certain issues that made me felt worst. But these things made me realize there is beauty in being messy, being imperfect. There is beauty in being vulnerable, and breaking down your walls sometimes. Learn to forgive yourself, sissy! Life’s not always a bed full of roses, it too has thorns.

3) Pamper yourself

Life’s not always going to be a straight smooth road. It’s going to bumpy and rough. So don’t forget to schedule a ME time in your day. In that ME time, do what you love the most. Paint, dance, Go for a run. Do whatever that makes you feel like YOU again. Also don’t forget to Meditate, light that scented candle in your room, and put comfy clothes on. Be in that moment and put that stress and busy life on hold for a while. Just breathe and exist in that moment. Everything is going to work out in the end. Skip the negative thoughts and stress honey. Where’s your mint tea huh?

4) Turn off and inwards

It is very important for us to love ourselves not only on happy days but also on messy ones too. Be gentle with yourself and with the people around you. Get out of this analysis paralysis. Explore your inner world too. Nurture it. Love your body, mind, soul. We all are work in progress. For the days when you don’t feel like moving or even getting up from bed. Remind yourself it’s okay for your body to feel like this. On the days like this do yourself a favour and put a hold onto everything. Put comfortable clothes on, make yourself some tea, put your favourite show on Netflix, and breathe. For that moment just focus on exiting and breathing. Feel all your emotions, even the ones you choose to ignore on most of the days and make yourself realise that you are a human being who doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. Embrace the messiness in you. Be you bravely!

5) End all your toxic relationships

You need to take care of your mind. Nurture that magical thing with positive thoughts and affirmations and anything that disturbs its process and peace has to go. For the same reason, there is a dire need for every one of you to end your toxic relationships, this goes for both romantic relationships and friendships. Don’t let anyone or anything consume you to the point where you find yourself questioning yourself. If someone repeatedly tears you down, makes you question your own self worth or makes you question why you are not good enough. Hear me up!!! YOU NEED TO LET HIM/HER GO. Staying with something or someone who is associated with being toxic is always going to rob you out of your energy and your aura. Protect your peace and energy from such kind of people. Right people will find you at the right time and it will be all worth it. I know it is so easy to say things like these, but trust me all of this is coming from a person who always had a hard time letting go. The practice of letting go made me realise the peace it brings with itself. Trust the universe and don’t ignore the signs it sends you. You have always been enough and you are enough!!!